Is it Really a Vacation?

I apologize for the lack of updates and the downtime on my whole server. I’d love to explain it, but I’m not really in the mood of confessing everything about my stupidity (really, my mother’s). It’s back up and running, though… isn’t that all that matters?

I’m going to have to go on a little bit of a hiatus. I know, I know: that word is scary. It’s not technically a hiatus until I’m not checking emails or comments. So, it’s just a non-update time. The reason; my aunt is coming tonight and I can’t be drooling over my computer screen the whole time she’s here.

Hopefully, we’ll have a good time together. She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Her name is Linda, by the way. Linda is only going to be here until Wednesday, so that makes it five days. I’ll try and update then. My mom can’t take any vacation days, so Monday through Wednesday, it’s just going to be me, her, and my brother.

Fourth of July was a blast! I’m so glad I could spend it with Allison, her sister, her cousin, and Melissa! It really made Independence Day something special. The next morning, Allison and I watched the sunrise and then ate pancakes. Time like these really mean something more than just “hanging out”. This is what I want more of, with all of my friends.

Hopefully you all aren’t too dissapointed with me and my downtime, and my lack of layouts. I came back to Spread Your Wings so that I didn’t have to look at my hideous display of lack-of-inspiration. I’ll try and change it soon, but it might be up for a while. To make up for my hiatus, I’m going to post some updates next Friday. You’re gonna start seeing some Photography, Stock Photos, Light Stocks, Sky Stocks, and maybe some brushes.

Talk to you soon!

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Friday, July 6, 2007
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Say Ok

Well, thanks for welcoming me back with 33 amazing comments! I’ll try to write everybody back. I think I’m getting into the habit of making my blog titles the name of the song I’m listening to. Today (or rather, tonight) it’s Say Ok - Vanessa Hudgens.

The summer seems to be slipping right out from under my clutch. I have about six weeks left. Half of that time I’m going to be bymyself or with my grandparents. Goddamn! But, some part of me wants to go back to school. I miss seeing all of my friends. I miss seeing those great teachers, the ones that inspire you to want to learn more and more. Then there are those memories that remind me why I dread school so much. With all the rude kids and the fuck tart principals.

This year I’m going to be ready for all that shit. I’m going to be there standing strong. I’ve reached my second step in the “Coming Out Process.” Yep, that’s right. First step: post I am gay on my domains. Second step: post I am gay on Myspace. I’m ready to tell the world that I’m gay and that I’m proud of it. I’m ready to stand up for what I believe. I’m ready. I told Yasmine and Bethany that I’m gay at Vicky’s birthday party. They were so cool about it. I wish everybody was that amazing.

I’ve already delt with my fair share of disapointment with my friends tonight. Bailey, this girl that I’ve been friends with since I was three years old found out I was gay through Myspace. She was pretty shocked… but mostly because she liked me (eww). She doesn’t approve of the “gay lifestyle” but I’m okay with that. We’re gonna go to Big Splash on July 7th. Hopefully she won’t be weird then.

Yes, more site talk.. the boring stuff.
I’ve been updating! It’s my first real update this whole summer. So, you guys better be happy. I deleted all the brushes and added four new sets. I deleted four Advanced Icon Tutorials, updated three, and added one. Lastly I added three new tutorials: how to install Wordpress, Cutenews, and Wak’s A&A. More is coming, wayyy more!

Love-Attempt.Net Love-Attempt.Net Love-Attempt.Net

And, the best thing so far: Love-Attempt.Net is open again!
Please give me and Megan a visit at Love-Attempt.Net which we’ve transformed into a review site! It’s soo nice. I made the layout and Megan did the css. It looks, so… so, professional. Also, hosting is open, too. Visit here to get a subdomain on Love-Attempt.Net. Hope you like it!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
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Move Along

Where should I start… just, where?
My life has changed so much from last time I talked to you guys. Literally. My summer has been going great, even though I’m not getting the best tan I’m still living my life. Fun is the key word during summer. I think I’ve passed fun and gotten to happiness.

While Allison is gone at camp and I’m sitting at home, I’ve tried to bring Lyrical back to a working state. Starting with changing hosts. I’ve had four resellers this month alone. First, Reseller Zoom, then Surpass Hosting, Blue Host, and finally my server: Let’s Host It. I believe they are the best server I’ve ever used. After I got my site actually running I switched from CuteNews to the all wonderful and powerful Wordpress. Hopefully this will take away from my spam problem thanks to Akismet. Now that Wordpress doesn’t have the stupid problem Surpass made them have, I can create categories. Yay! Next, I coded a new layout. I made it before I owned Lyrical, so I’m glad it’s finally being used. Now I just have to upload the rest of my pictures and then I’m opening! Oh, let me know if there are any errors.

Off sitely shit…
Yesterday was Vicky’s birthday. She invited me to Big Splash with her friend Bethany (not the one I wrote about earlier) and our friend Yasmine. I’ve missed Vicky so much since school got out, so I’m glad we finally had a chance to visit and just have a great time. Even though the ride Lazy River is broken, we still got to go around the pool at the bottom. We spent most of our time there and at the Wave Pool, but I’m starting to like Lazy River more. Lol. Later in the day her cousin Cat came. She’s sixteen and is so cool. Pretty funny, too. After Big Splash we drove to her house in the back of her dad’s truck… the wind blowing in my face felt so good. Eventualy we opened presents and ate an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins! It was the most delicious thing ever!

We mostly hung out after that and just talked. But, eventually we watched the movie Bridge to Terabithia, don’t bug me about the spelling. I had already seen the movie, but it was so good I was up for watching it again. Vicky’s mom gave me permission to sleep over, which meant a lot to me, but I came down with a horrible head ache and I felt like throwing up. I decided to go home around eleven, just so I wouldn’t get the girls all sick. When I woke up, I kinda regretted it because I felt just fine.

Earlier this week I finally watched Apocolypto… which, ask anybody, I’ve been wanting to see for ages. I ended up watching it alone and in the middle of the night: five AM to be exact. It’s the first time I’ve watched a movie by myself, I think. But, I enjoyed the time alone. I think watching it by myself let me take in all the possibilities and enabled me to make my opinion of the movie without somebody else telling me their’s first. Which is a good thing. Lol.

My book collection has grown since school ended, but it hasn’t gotten shorter. I need to finish a zillion books, honestly. I think I have ten in waiting, and fifty on my book shelf. Then I have to read a book for my AP English class next year. Stupid summer assignments. I guess it’s better than summer school, though: Vicky’s brother is there now. Lol. Hopefully I can read all of them by Christmas time.

I can’t wait till Allison gets home. I miss her.

[Edit: Thursday, June 21, 5:51pm]:
Thanks for all the feedback on the layout and the site in general. I fixed all of the forms, so you can all sign up for things again. I’m still needing to upload the zipped files for the downloads, so you can’t download anything yet except fonts and brushes. Also, advertising is now free and I’ve added an exchange link form and section to the “exits” page. Also, probably tonight, I’m going to open domain hosting. Me and Megan got our first ever, paying customer! So, until we get a site I’ll have the hosting packages on here. Also, look out for a shop coming soon. Bye.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
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